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The Kuncanowet Town Forest and Conservation Area derives its name from its dominant feature, the Kuncanowet Hills. In native American Kuncanowet means “mountain place of the bear.”

The Kuncanowet is a 1,000-acre protected expanse of forest and wetland which begins south of Gorham Pond and continues north two miles along the town line of Weare and Dunbarton. It is about one mile at its widest. A 7-mile network of hiking trails has been constructed for non-motorized recreation. The varied terrain within the trail system supports a diverse plant and animal population. Moose, bear and deer are no strangers to the Kuncanowet area.

Established in 1989, funding for the area came from the Land Conservation Investment Program and generous land donations from forward thinking private landowners. The area is managed by the Kuncanowet Town Forest and Conservation Area Committee.